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Mughees Shaukat Vice Chairman FingelGlobal, MIT, USA; Head of Islamic finance CBFS, Entity under Central Bank of Oman; Vice Chairman AAOIFI Education Board, Bahrain

Mughees Shaukat is the pioneer Head of Islamic Finance in the College of Banking & Financial Studies, Muscat, Oman, Entity, under the Central Bank of Oman. He is a global leader, renowned public speaker, Adviser & Prominent Expert contributor in local and global policy and strategic affairs. He is a PhD scholar in Economics and Finance with specialisation in Entrepreneurship and Policies for Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. 

Mughees is a Fintech specialist from MIT, USA; Vice Chairman of the Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions, AAOIFI, Education Board, Bahrain; Member, Society of Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE), France; Member of The Western Economic Association International (WEAI), USA, Member, High level International, select, Expert Panel, the Central Bank of Bahrain for creating Islamic Profit Rate Bench Mark, Bahrain, Member of the BLOCKCHAIN Society, Oman and Certified Shariah Adviser and Auditor, CSAA, AAOIFI, among other. 

He also holds MSc in Islamic finance, the IFQ U.K certification and a number of other certifications in core areas of Finance and Islamic Finance. Mughees is a passionate contributor and projector of New Age Fintech Finance & Islamic/Halal Finance, Regulatory Policies and Multiple Polar Global Economic System. His focus further includes, Macro Economic Policies, Product Innovations, Entrepreneurship, Behavioural and Institutional Economics, Environmental Economics/Climate change, Halal Industry, China Pakistan Economic Corridor-CEPC & Shairah Governance among other. He has worked as an Assistant Researcher in Islamic banking and finance in INCEIF & ISRA alongside Distinguished Scholars and IsDB Award winners. Mughees has published over 50 articles and research papers and has so far delivered over 100 policy talks, Keynote Addresses, expert sessions, high level presentations, research and executive lectures, globally.

Mughees Shaukat has himself so far founded/created, organised & delivered over a dozen International conferences, seminars, symposiums, and forums. He is also the Chair and co-Chair in multiple international conferences. Besides Advisory and strategy, as pioneer Head of Islamic Finance in Oman, he has delivered specialised trainings, designed multiple curricula and over 40 certification programs including novel programs on Leadership in Islamic Finance, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital, Media, Marketing, CRM, The Islamic Banking Regulatory Framework, Oman, Islamic Finance and Environmental Economics, and Fintech programs in Finance and Islamic Finance among other.

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