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Networks and Connection

Humans get their power from connection, from being together. Because together, we're not just simply together, we're stronger, we're more. Because together we can cover each other's weakness and magnify each other's strength.

Someone nearby wants, nay, needs your knowledge, your experience, and you might be in need of someone else's. But only with a network of social connections could you see it, and only through seeing each other would you tap into the crowd's wisdom, and the power of social collaboration.
And it's hard, I understand. Especially since most of us are busy and have heaps of things to do, or simply just introverts who'd rather be dancing with the spirits of our machines. But connection is inevitable, something you will need, sooner or later, if you are to grow, if you are to move forward. Or even if, for a moment, you needed a plan B. It's just simply better and more effective to do it sooner, than later.

Maybe you think Networking is all a chore, a waste of time, or maybe you think of it as something all business-like and official. But I propose that it's really just normal community, collaboration, and simply, making fiends. Friends to fallback to, someone to talk to, bounce ideas off of, do a favor for, maybe get a favor back, that's how creativity happens, that's where new ideas are born, and that's how communities flourish.

And it's as much true for a startup as it is for an individual. For that's how you'll find partners, investors, employees, and the feedback, advice, or even just the soft publicity and getting the word around. You see, networking is success, and the saying "It's not what you know, it's who you know" is really not that far from reality.
“One plus one plus one is not three, you're thinking like a mathematician, but you're dealing with humans. Here, one plus one plus one can be a hundred eleven.” – Mustafa Kuğu, Arabtech CEO
Man's purpose is to grow, to make and to give. And we arrived here by the efforts of billions upon billions of individuals through out history. We stood on each other's shoulders, and we built and explored, and suffered, together. It's part of what makes us what we are, of our instincts.
You are here to do something. Together we could do it better. Together we can make it.
So be human. Don't neglect humans.

Basically, I'm just here to tell you: come to Arabtech meetings. So~ yeah, just do it :)

Author: Mohammad Matini


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