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CRYPTOSIM is a SIEM software with exceptional correlation and analysis features, serving as a detection and controlling platform that can be integrated with CRYPTOLOG log manager, to provide organizations with threat detection and security risk evaluation on network behavior and performance.Although log managers collect and visualize the flowsacross the network in one centralized interface, they usually provide basic contextual information on the events. Without a proper correlation engine to correlate streams of events within a specific time, effective identification and responding to breaches is not possible. Logs vary based on their source and operating system. That means, a firewall log may contain totally different information in comparison to the logs of the same event from other applications. With several advanced correlation rules, CRYPTOSIM not only recognizes similar patterns of attacks among shreds of million of event file, but also detects policy violations and validates the IDS and firewalls efficiency.

Key features and advantages

Network security intelligence
CRYPTOSIM correlates logs from different sources and by investigating logs,flows and roles deliversintelligence over the entire IT network from threat detection and prioritization, to tracking breach path. With combining correlation results over collected logs, this SIEM product provides a reliable intelligence on user activities and security perception of the network.
Risk evaluation, prioritizing incidents
CRYPTOSIM correlates events from disparate parts and applications of the network in a highly efficient manner using a variety of methods from signature based anomaly detection and built-in attack patterns to behavioral inspection. Suspected Incidents are then prioritized based on the correlations that lead to a more accurate risk evaluation and efficient incident response.
Effective incident management

CRYPTOSIM provides administrators with information over the entire network in an all-in-one platform that contributes to prompt responses against breaches; however, investigating and answering each false positive costs organizations a great deal of time and effort. CRYPTOSIM reduces false positive alerts of the security system and consequently prevents organization from dedicating unnecessary resources on resolving such alerts. Further to detection, it provides instant alerts and commanding line capabilities to the administrator to respond in accordance to the detected incident.


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