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How Will Internet of Things Change Business World?

The concept of IoT has entered our lives quickly and
has become one of the most talked-about subjects of recent years. Especially in the business world… Because Internet of Things offers solutions that can change working fundamentally in the business world. IoT will enable more business processes to digitalize in industries where many business processes are digital, while ensuring that business processes are digitalized in industries where technology is hardly ever used. In fact, if we express it more popularly, the business processes will be smart along with the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things, an important component of Industry 4.0, will help to reduce the error margin and progress much faster the works. Thus the output will increase and the costs wil reduce. Thanks to the sensors that can be placed in almost any device, it is possible to keep track of the efficiency and working conditions of the devices. More importantly, the data acquired from these sensors will enable continuous improvement of productivity by analyzing business processes.


In the health sector, many processes will be connected with IoT. The most important benefit of this is that the health status of the patients will be able to continuously monitored. Wearable technology will have a key role here. Because the health of people with serious illnesses will be able to constantly monitored by a healthcare device like a smart watch or sensors that can be placed on clothes.


We can say that beacon technology will make a difference in this area. To explain Beacon’s technology in a simple way, it can be expressed as a technology that allows communication with 50-meter radius devices via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Beacon technology will enable the real-time communication with the customer in the retail sector. For example, you keep a mobile app for a brand in your phone and when you pass near a store owned by that brand, or when you enter the store, notifications about campaigns and discounts in that store can be sent to your phone via beacon technology. One of the biggest benefits of this technology to the retail sector is that it will be able to offer personal instant campaigns and discounts.


Thanks to the sensors placed in the vehicles, it will be possible to follow the positions of the vehicles at any moment. This will especially benefit public transport and logistics. Thus, in case of any vehicle malfunction or accident, this information will be immediately transmitted to the center and the voyage times can be rearranged accordingly. Also, in the logistics sector, the vehicles will be able to be tracked constantly and in any negative case, actions will be able to taken to ensure delivery is not delayed. Moreover, the sensors in the vehicle will notify the driver before any potential malfunction occur and thus they will ensure that things don’t go wrong and that the problem is solved at a lower cost. The greatest benefit of the Internet of Things in the transportation is that smart transportation applications and smart vehicles communicate with each other, resulting in reduced traffic accidents and reduced traffic congestion to the lowest level.


The greatest example in this area is the smart counters used by many companies operating in the energy field. Thanks to smart counters, the energy consumption data of each subscriber is sent directly to the provider, so there is no need to physically read the counter. Also, smart counters provide information to subscribers about instant interruptions. We can also say that the end-user products for energy are also very popular. These products enable users to optimize their energy consumption and thereby reduce total energy use and energy costs. In this sense, Nest Thermostat that is produced by Nest that is owned by Google, is the biggest example in the world.

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