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"This is our strategy! He brings his friends, you bring your friends! This is how we grow!" told me Mr. Mustafa Kuğu, CEO of ARABTECH, as we walked among the glittering skyscrapers of the famous Levent district in Istanbul.

More than 30 developers, startup founders, and investors, gathered at the Levent Offices to participate in the Second Round of the ARABTECH Startups Meetings, to share ideas, advice, and opportunities.

The event was a chance for them to meet, and discuss ways to collaborate and help each other, in a very friendly and welcoming environment.

Image Caption: ARABTECH Startups Meeting hosted at LeventOfis

Multiple startups participated by giving presentations, showcasing new products, development platforms, and technologies.

Image Caption: Muhammad Alabed, CTO at Payfull, giving a presentation about their payment platform

The list of attendants included Syrian, Saudi, Emirati, Egyptian, and Turkish representatives, with technology companies from all kinds of backgrounds and industries; from construction (Q-Surv), to customer experience (Upfeedback), to data management (Workiom).

Image Caption: Ahmad Mhaish, Senior Software Architect at DLEAF presenting their D.Configplatform

Going there was, for me as a young developer, an uplifting experience. People were supportive, full of energy and optimism, and most importantly, full of hope.

Image Caption: Mr. Mustafa Kuğu, the cheerful founder of ARABTECH, and event organizer

"People sometimes tell me why do you do this? Arabic startups are not good, they will never do anything great" Said Mr. Mustafa, "But I tell them: you're wrong!"
Mr. Mustafa believes in a bright future ahead for Arabic tech startups, and hopes that ARABTECH Meetings will be an important step towards making that vision into reality.
Author: Mohammad Matini
Date: <2018-07-06 Fri>
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