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UNITMON –Unified IT Monitoring- is a robust monitoring solution, which can meet the needs of organizations in identifying critical shortcomings or failures on their IT infrastructure prior to any serious damage by monitoring the critical points of network. UNITMON provides you with complete visibility over your website, servers and applications –regardless of time and your location- through a web-based system and ability to view through a single view dashboard.


Key features and advantages

Vulnerability tracking and Analysis
UNITMON offers the best Preventative Security Solutions by scanning vulnerabilities through network devices, servers, and applications based on known vulnerabilities, to produce customizable vulnerability assessment reports that offer solutions to close exposures. Centralized, Preventative Vulnerability Management is a chief feature of UNITMON. UNITMON controls domain names for fake ones and helps you to take the necessary precautions or actions against Phishing and DNS spoofing attacks. The IP blacklist monitoring feature of UNITMON detects the suspicious IPs by checking your pre-defined IP black list and sends required alarms.

Content Monitoring Management
Content control features monitor all aspects of a website which are prone to hacking. Contents and images are controlled every minute and UNITMON sends alerts in case of any change, minimizing the loss of reputation. Furthermore, it provides extra cautions on content changes by checking hack-reporting sites such as zone-h.org. UNITMON facilitates regular expression to create complex pattern matches and controls all features and keywords of your site.
 Network Monitoring Management
UNITMON enables administrators to monitor almost all network devices in IT infrastructures through an easy-to-use web-based dashboard, visualizing performances with advanced graphs. Such prompt and intuitive interface - which utilizes the Cloud Server - not only ensures the health and performance of network devices, it also makes efficiency resource Utilization and cost and risk minimization straightforward. UNITMON monitors CPU usage, memory and RAM, disk space and thresholds, and the availability and performance of servers. Operating System Monitoring (Win, Linux or UNIX) is one of the other features of UNITMON.
UnitmonReporting, Alerts and Notifications
Historical records of the availability and performance of servers and web pages play an increasingly important role in detection of defects, and in efficiency planning. Notifications and Alerts can be sent through E-mail or SMS based on users’ preferences. UNITMON provides a wide variety of reporting features to cover all the necessary needs of IT managers for security and control purposes. Furthermore, UNITMON offers a detailed report on its performance and interruptions.

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